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  • How was shot 8 times

    In 2004 I was shot 8 times at point blank range with a 45 caliber gun. I had half of my stomach removed. My spleen removed. Small intestine, pancreas, and my colon was re-attached. I had to learn how to walk again and take care of myself. I also lost the feeling in my right hand permanently. God restored me and did the…

  • Stomach Pain: Things started happening...

    A month after praying for Robert on the streets near my apartment, I saw him again. His stomach pain ("a very high level") was gone instantly a month earlier. A month later, his chronic pain, which he had had for years remained nonexistent!

  • Healed Shoulder

    I was hanging out with a friend and we were talking about how powerfully God can move. Then kinda out of nowhere he asked if I could pray for his shoulder. Prayer for him and I commanded healing. Then he moved it around. Pain was completely gone. He was in so much shock in what just happened that he started doing push …

  • Walmart - 3 Electric Wheelchairs

    I was with a group of friends one night at Walmart to spread some of God's love. It was a super powerful night and a lot of awesome stories. Anyway, I went to a new level of boldness that I have not yet done before. While in Walmart there were three people in electric wheelchairs that kept going past me and God kept te…

  • Healed as you go

    I had injured my leg exercising the day before passing out fliers at an outreach.  When I was running my leg hurt some, but the next morning it terrible.  The pain was pretty intense, and I a really heavy limp, stairs where pretty difficult.  I was thinking that I my leg would be in pain for at least a week.  As I was …

  • Back Healing in Walmart

    This is the testimony of Mike Patridge.  While on an outreach, he had a Healing Encounter with someone at Walmart.  

  • Love and Boldness

    I've been asking God to give me more boldness and courage to pray for people in public, and He's blessed me with so much grace to pray naturally as the opportunities come.  What a blessing!

  • healed cellist!

    girl's healed foot and healed faith!

  • Muslims experiencing the love of God!

    loving Muslim's into the Kingdom

  • At the DR's office

    This is what happened recently when I went to the Dr.  When I was leaving the clinic I saw a man with a medical boot on his  foot.  I felt god’s compassion for him and how much God was grieved that the enemy had had his way in the man’s life.  I knew I had to pray for him.  The man was in front of me so I followed him …